You need help ? You are at the good place.


Does every vendors are actually REALLY online ?

Yes, we have an automatic system that clean vendors. It removes from the search every vendors that is not reachable for 3 days.


I have the error "It seems you don't have purchase this product" but I purchased the product !

You can easily contact us in-world and I will help you without any problems as all purchases are saved.


I've seen seller/reseller with this icon  What does it mean ?

Verified user means that these users are 100% legit. Everyone has the ability to buy our product and publish any products on our website,  but sadly, a malicious persons can use our system in a bad way. We are not responsible of any scam you might be a victim of.

If you think that someone is a scammer, please contact us for a report and we will investigate in this case. Our policy is simple, it's an instant ban from using all of our services to sell.

You are a seller and want to be Verified ? Contact us in-world.


I'm lazy and I don't want to browse all pages to find the gatcha I want. What I'm supposed to do ?

Our system allows you to sort results by columns, just click on the column you want to sort. You can also search by keywords using the input dedicated.


Your system is free ?

The search of Gatchas is totally free, yes. If you want to display your own gatchas on our website, you will need to buy our products.


I found a bug or I want to give a feedback, how I'm supposed to report it ?

If this is the case, we are sorry for the inconvenience. However, you can IM me directly in-world to give me your report about the bug you found or giving me your feedback. It would be really appreciated.


I've been banned from the system, why ?

As you probably know if you read the Help section, we don't like scammers and that's why we introduce the Verified feature. However, If you are banned, it's probably because you have been reported as scammers. After investigations, we can decide to ban an account if we see it as a scammer. It's a lifetime ban. You still want to discuss about it ? You can IM me.


I heard that I can insert my Google Docs/Sheet on your website, how this work ?

Yes, exactly. It will be displayed on the bottom of your store page. This is a tutorial on how you can integrate it.